- ViaSanGiacomo Soundscape -

This research work on the soundscape is focused on the urban area of ​​Sant’Arpino, an Italian municipality of 15,000 inhabitants straddling the suburbs of North Naples and the beginning of the area called Terra Felix: the province of Caserta.
The study area selected and analyzed is that of Via San Giacomo, the main of the 4 courses leading to Piazza Umberto I, the city's social and commercial center, as well as the main link between the city center and Via De Gasperi, the connecting artery between Sant'Arpino and the provincial road Caivano - Aversa.

The picture resulting from the final composition of the soundscape of Via San Giacomo, is that of a classic urban / city course, with the constant presence of vehicles and passing cars that create the background and therefore the tonic of the sound landscape in question. The signs present are many and continuous: clacson, barking dogs, the opening of the various shutters, the voices of passers-by, the opening and closing of the various doors in the vicinity. The main characteristic mark is that of the bell of the church of Sant’Elpidio Vescovo, a few meters from Via San Giacomo.

© 2020 by Francesco Di Cristofaro

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